One Magical Night
Presenting a Royal Celebration - "The Jubilee"

It is 1887 and all eyes are set on the stage of London, England, where guests from all around the world have arrived to answer The Palace’s call to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne. This golden occasion begins with a royal banquet and continues throughout the evening with dancing and festive activities. With so many visiting royals and dignitaries, Scotland Yard has its hands full monitoring for party crashers, so everyone has been asked to be on the lookout for imposters promenading as Jubilee guests! Be sure to get your tickets early for this joyous tribute to Her Majesty, because you truly don’t want to miss out on THE JUBILEE!

The Jubilee Invitation

A Unique Opportunity
All Homeschool Parents are on the PTA Prom Committee

The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is made possible through the efforts of homeschool student parents. They comprise the prom committee that hammers, glues, sews, builds, paints, transports, and performs every other task necessary to make this prom a lifetime memory for the students.

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